Digital Strategy

Equal to the software we create is the reason we create it. Through data, research, and our own unique methodologies, we bring clarity to your business's digital roadmap. Our experience with a vast number of platforms, products, and services helps us recommend options to help your business put its best foot forward. Bottom line, we set up digital ventures for success.

Strategic Research, Planning

Whether the question is "what should I build?" or "is there a market for my product," research and planning should be the first step to any project. Depending on the product, we conduct user reviews, ethnographic research, and look for feedback from users of similar products or services. Before we get started, we solidify a winning strategy for your new product or software.

User Research, Retention

Great products fix big problems for real people, so it's important we understand who will use what we create. We interview users and do as much research as possible to identify these problems and scope opportunities we can add the most value. With a true understanding, we can alleviate most of the risk involved with building a new product.

Managed Hosting

We offer competitive hosting packages for every budget and any technical demands your software may have. We manage all aspects of hosting, including server deployment, load balancing, scaling, backup, and much more. Although Linode is our preferred host service, we can work with you to deploy on AWS, Digital Ocean, or anywhere else!

24/7 Support Service

We offer regular support for everything we create, even if you broke it. If you're running a high-demand application, we tend to recommend one of our signature support packages—which include a 24/7 toll-free support line to a live human.

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