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Managed Hosting

Starting at just $10/mo. We'll take care of all the complication that comes with server management so your team never has to deal with it.

Unmanaged Hosting

We provide this at cost: starting at $5/month. We can start you with a stack of your choosing or make a recommendation based on your needs.

Automatic Backup

We provide automatic backup services for your servers at regular intervals such as monthly, weekly, and daily to ensure that even in a disaster, you're covered.

Monthly Maintenance

Monthly maintenance on retainer. Everything from server OS and dependencies updates to simple plugin updates and security patches.

24/7 Support via Ticket

Create a support ticket from your client account anytime for us to open the hood and see what's going on.

Emergency Support by Phone

We offer 24/7 emergency support for those with mission-critical applications. You'll have an extension to reach a human anytime.

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